Trend Research Centre

Puerto Rico (Bibliometric)

Carlos Albizu University, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dr. Ivelisse Torres Fernandez

1.         Vega-Arce, M., Salas, G., Núñez-Ulloa, G., Pinto-Cortez, C., Fernandez, I.T. and Ho, Y.S.* (2019), Research performance and trends in child sexual abuse research: A Science Citation Index Expanded-based analysis. Scientometrics, 121 (3), 1505-1525. DOI: 10.1007/s11192-019-03267-w.

Carlos Albizu University, Puerto Rico

Dr. Ivelisse Torres-Fernández

1.         López-López, W., Vega-Arce, M., Salas, G., Urzúa, A., Torres-Fernández, I. and Ho, Y.S.* (2021), Bibliometric analysis of COVID-19 editorial materials in the beginning stage of the pandemic. Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science, 26 (1), 103-116.