Trend Research Centre

India (Bibliometric)

University of Horticultural Sciences, India

Shankar Reddy Kolle

Shankarappa Hanumaiah

Dr. Shankar Reddy Kolle

Dr. Shankarappa Hanumaiah

1.          Kolle, S.R., Shankarappa, T.H. and Ho, Y.S.* (2017), Highly cited articles in Science Citation Index Expanded - subject category of horticulture: A bibliometric analysis. Erwerbs-Obstbau, 59 (2), 133-145. DOI: 10.1007/s10341-016-0308-4.

IFET College of Engineering, India

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Dr. Bakthavachalam Elango

1.          Elango, B. and Ho, Y.S.* (2017), A bibliometric analysis of India’s highly cited papers in Science Citation Index Expanded. Current Science, 112 (8), 1653-1658.

Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Aligarh Muslim University, India

Dr. Moonis Ali Khan

1.          Khan, M.A. and Ho, Y.S.* (2015), Impact of Brunauer Emmett Teller isotherm on research in science citation index expanded. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 14 (9), 2163-2168.

2.          Khan, M.A. and Ho, Y.S.* (2012), Top-cited articles in environmental sciences: Merits and demerits of citation analysis. Science of the Total Environment, 431, 122-127.

Department of Chemistry, PRIST University, India

Dr. R. Malarvizhi

1.          Malarvizhi, R., Wang, M.H. and Ho, Y.S.* (2010), Research trends in adsorption technologies for dye containing wastewaters. World Applied Sciences Journal, 8 (8), 930-942.

Department of Chemistry, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, India

Dr. L. Cindrella

1.          Cindrella, L., Fu, H.Z. and Ho, Y.S.* (2014), Global thrust on fuel cells and their sustainability: An assessment of research trends by bibliometric analysis. International Journal of Sustainable Energy, 33 (1), 125-140.

2.          Cindrella, L., Kannana, A.M., Lin, J.F., Saminathan, K., Ho, Y., Lin, C.W. and Wertz, J. (2009), Gas diffusion layer for proton exchange membrane fuel cells—A review. Journal of Power Sources, 194 (1), 146-160.