Prof. Yuh-Shan HO,

Department of Biotechnology,

College of Health Science,

Asia University,

Taichung 41354, Taiwan


Skype: ysho0103

Curriculum Vitae

Chang Jiang Scholars, 履歷

Department of Environmental Sciences,

College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering,

Peking University,

Beijing 100871, People’s Republic of China


Mobil: 13521381465

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Current status: Director


Ph.D. (Birmingham, UK), 1995 School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

M.Phil. (Sheffield, UK), 1993 Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

B.Sc. (Cheng-Li, Taiwan), 1986 Department of Chemical Engineering, Chung-Yuan Christian University, Taiwan

Prof. Ho specializes in environmental science emphasizing on water research. He conducts research in various aspects of water supply, water quality and treatment, and wastewater treatment. He is interested in other areas such as process design and optimization, public health aspects of environmental engineering systems, and bibliometric science.

Prof. Ho was the Guest Editor for Special Issue on: “Application of biosorbents on wastewater treatment International Journal of Environment and Pollution (IJEP). He is the Executive Editors for Journal of Environmental Protection Science, and a Member of Editorial Board of Polish Journal of Environmental Studies since 2005, Bioresource Technology since 2008, and Environmental Engineering and Management Journal since 2009. His present research thrusts are in the area of pollutants (heavy metals, ammonium and dyes) removal from water, and bibliometric studies.